The 21st century is a time when disposable tear-away gloves have become an integral part of everyone’s lives.We see them everywhere, from grocery stores to small local shops and other public places.

Our company offers high-quality disposable tear-away gloves made of HDPE film (high density polyethylene), which guarantees very good skin protection against dirt, as well as all kinds of viruses and bacteria.

We produce film gloves that are from 7 μm to 10 μm thick. They’re much thicker than other gloves commonly available on the market, and thus provide better protection.

Specification of our gloves:

Type: with perforation (tear-away) or without
M, L, XL
from 7μm to 10μm
100-150 pcs. in a foil pack (OEM possible)
on request of an OEM customer


Our HDPE film gloves meet the guidelines of EC Directive 10/2011 as well as EC Regulation 1935/2004 of the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Our tear-away gloves have been successfully tested by JS Hamilton’s prestigious international accredited research laboratory in terms of global migration according to the PN-EN1186 standard, which makes them approved for use in contact with food and in the entire broadly understood catering industry.

We can customise boxes and packaging!

We have modern machinery with a manufacturing capacity of up to 100 million tear-away gloves per month.

During our work with both small entities and large corporations, we’ve gained experience that helps us in our everyday work.

Our long-term contracts ensure long and stable cooperation.